Secure. Simple. Accessible – Access your Interbank Aruba N.V. account statements securely from any device, any time.

Don’t be hassled by limited storage or cluttered when e-statements can provide you with a convenient, secure, and best of all, free way to have access to your account statements and any document.

E-statements work exactly like paper statements; use them for taxes, record- keeping and even more. You can view, print and download them whenever you like directly from your e-mail.

How does it work?
On top of viewing and accessing your statements with ease, you can also avail yourself of the following:
  • Receive automatic email notifications when your e-statements are available
  • Save your E-Statements as PDFs, which you can access and print as needed
  • Obtain E-Statements for many accounts, including: current, savings, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, and other credit facilities.

Do the switch
Switch to e-statements. They are completely free of charge.

Option 1:
Download the application form, fill it and sign and submit it at any Interbank Aruba N.V. branch.

Option 2:

Already registered to Interbank Aruba N.V. Internet Banking

  • Login to your Internet Banking
  • Go to “Services” menu
  • Click on “register to e-statement"
  • Choose which account (s) you want to switch to E-statements

This facility is offered to single account bearer only.